Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call to schedule a clean?

Answer: We are open year round, so as long as it is above freezing, we will be cleaning windows. It is smart to call two to three weeks in advance to schedule. If you have a last minute request, still call and we'll see what we can do!

What payments do you accept and when do you expect it?

Answer: We prefer checks or cash but also accept credit and debit cards. We appreciate payment at the conclusion of the job. If you need to mail your payment in or pay later, we allow 30 days before late fees are accessed.

When does the Pollen Season End?

Answer: Each year the pollen season is different. Tree pollen is usually done falling mid March to early May while other plants and grasses can continue to drop pollen through July. It can be delayed by a harsh winter and sped up by high winds. Once the windows are clean, the pollen is less likely to stick to the surface. Bottom line, if your windows are dirty, schedule as soon as you can!

Do you remove hard water stains?

Answer: Hard water stains are the result of windows coming in contact with water rich in minerals such as limestone, calcium, and magnesium. When the water dries it leaves behind these minerals which calcify on the windows. It does not come off with normal window cleaning and requires special cleaners and methods to remove. Hard water stains are very hard to identify when the windows are dirty and are sometimes only noticed during the process of cleaning windows. Hard water stains will require an additional cost, which will be discussed promptly if the issue arises.

How often do people get their windows cleaned?    

Answer: Most common residential window cleaning schedules include quarterly, bi annually and annually. A popular option is having your windows cleaned two times a year, once both interior and exterior and the just exterior side of the window the second time. Commercial cleans are often on a weekly or monthly schedule. It really depends on your preference. In most circumstances the interior sides of windows stay cleaner longer so they may not need as much upkeep.

How far do you travel?    

Answer: We don't have a parameter on how far we will go to clean, but the further away the job, the more we must charge for travel. A good way to bring the cost down is to set up a clean with your neighbor on the same day so that you can split the travel cost. We have clients at Lake James, Cashiers, Mars Hill, and all over NC.

Do I need to be home when you are cleaning our windows?

Answer: This is entirely up to you. We do need to access the interior of your home in most situations, but our employees have all been extensively vetted, and we trust them 100% to be professional both in and outside your home. 

Are you insured?

Answer: Absolutely. We are happy to send a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Why is there such a large time frame for when the window cleaner will arrive in the afternoon?

Answer: While we try to keep great notes and use them to predict when jobs will finish, sometimes things don’t go exactly according to plan. Therefore, when scheduling clients for an afternoon slot, we will usually give them a 2 to 3 hour window in which to expect us. 

How big are the crews that you send and how long will it take to complete the work?

Answer: The crew sizes can vary from a 1 man team to a crew of 4-6. It all depends on our schedule and the crews available that day. If you have any time constraints or special requests concerning crew size please let us know. 

What is Post Construction Debris?

Answer: If your windows have never been professionally cleaned there may be post construction debris on them such as silicone, sticker residue, paint, etc. Some times this is not noticeable until we begin to clean the windows. If construction debris is present it may effect the price and is something we will discuss before proceeding with the clean. The same issue may come up with hard water stains which require a special product and method to remove.

Do you fix gutters or instalL gutter guards?

Answer: We do not fix gutters or install gutter guards. If you have gutter guards we can clean off any debris that may be on top of them but we do not uninstall and reinstall gutter guards.

Do you repair windows or screens?

Answer: As much as we wish we could help with all your window needs, we do not repair, replace, or install windows or screens. I would recommend Whole Sale Glass and Mirror or Brit & Tilson Glass for any window needs. Ace Hardware can repair screens for a very reasonable price.

Do you clean the screens and the sills?

Answer: Yes we do. We will wipe down any screens and sills. If you want a more detailed and thorough cleaning of the screens and sills we can add that on to the job at your request.

How do you handle bees and other pest?

Answer: We will do our best to work around nests but we cannot remove them. If you have a few nests around the house please hire an exterminator before we come out so that we can clean all your windows as well as not get stung while doing so.